All the laser machines are operated with the help of Computer Numerical Control (CNC). These CNCs are programmed with the help of CAD and CAM programming. The programming is the heart and brain of a laser machine. It is done with the help of set codes and inputs that the CNC follows. A program is a set of instructions given to the user by the programmer in a specified language and codes. This language and code is then converted in the machine readable language and the control unit of the machine understands it and follows the command and performs the task as commanded by the programmer.

To develop these programs, high level languages and softwares are made which are used for giving commands to the machines. There are a lot of softwares which are used for machine programming. Not all the softwares can be used on all the machines. Every machine, however, can be programmed by NC programming. It caters to all the movements and cutting actions of the tool over the workpiece.

There has been continuous development in the field of programming and software for laser machines. These softwares make programming easy and add more options for the operator. The tool can be moved in all the directions easily and with lesser complexity. The ways in which the job can be performed increase in number.

New and advanced softwares and programming is done to enable laser machines to work smart. The newer options give the programmer flexibility to use the machine as he likes and thus he can develop a highly sophisticated program to complete the work in least possible time with utmost accuracy and high surface finish without compromising with the geometric designs.

These softwares and programs help in proper integration of the machine for overall production line to improve overall effectiveness and optimize functionality. Better the programming, convenient will it be for the operator. The machine will take less time and it will save the extra raw material. A better program will help in reducing the power consumption and it will also ensure the safety of the user.

This sophistication and removal of unwanted and redundant processes enhances the production rate. It improves the overall effectiveness of the machine. The programming helps in optimizing the functionality of the whole setup by allowing only those functions to be performed that are beneficial for the workpiece.

The laser machines are accurate and have high precision. They perform their task in less time and improve the surface finish and quality of the product. All these advantages of the laser machines are because of the sophisticated programming. This programming helps in the proper functioning of the machine. All the tasks as well as the dwell time of the machine is decided by the programmer and the command is given to the machine in the form of the programs. The programs are the actual raw material for the machine.

Better the programming better will be the functioning of the machine and more optimized will be its working. If the programming is done but it is not adequately integrated with the machine, there will be decrease in the efficiency of the machine and the quality of the product will also not be upto the mark. Improper integration may lead to an increase in the lead time and overall return on investment is hampered. The simple but smart programs enable the machine to perform the task with greater efficiency and the quality of the product is also very good. The return on investment is enhanced and the tool life as well as the machine life increases considerably. Newer machines operate on better and advanced softwares which enables them to perform their task in a street smart manner.

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