Laser Machines For Automation, Automotive & Electronic Industry

Laser machines are some of the most useful and sophisticated machines in the industry today. They find their application in almost all the industries from primary industries to the tertiary industries. They can be seen in jewelry industry, iron and steel industry, piping and refrigeration, automotive and automation industry. To even say that electronic industry can flourish without using laser machines is impossible.

Laser machines can cut, weld, braze and perforate the materials using the cost effective and efficient machines. Lasing action is absolutely contactless, thus helping to protect the work piece and does not allow residual stresses to develop in the body. The application of energy can be precisely defined to a specific location thus protecting the rest of the material from warping and overheating.

Lasers are used from small fabrications shops to the massive operations. The right combination of machine, storage towers, break-in stations and product carts are necessary for making a laser machine. The modular and flexible automation techniques help the industry to grow a lot. The wide range of options helps in reducing the floor space up to 70 percent the original level. All the applications have solution in the name of laser automation.

The flexible expandable automation can be converted in a compact device. The space saving devices comes with various configurations which makes automation possible even with small space in hand. The software capability of today has enabled the machines having shorter run job shop environment conducive for automation. The productivity of the automation industry can be perfected with the help of laser machines.

The innovative laser applications in automotive and automotive parts industry have completely changed the face of the industry. Laser is the best option if you need high level of automation, increased flexibility at a surprising low cost. These lasers have higher advantages when compared to the old conventional process. Moreover, it was time consuming and not as accurate as the laser machines. Nowadays, many car parts are cut, welded and labeled by lasers. The application of lasers in automotive industry is from as smaller a component as spark plug to the entire car bodies.

The electronic industry is thriving today because of the laser machines. They have changed the whole game and have brought the game to a newer level. The ever expanding use of electronics and the way in which the components are continuously reduced, has created a challenge for the players in the industry. The power requirement is reducing daily, portability is increasing and the increase in capacity has further stressed the manufacturers. The band of acceptable quality is thinning day by day.

These electronic devices have millions and billions of electronic circuits connected with each other in a very compact manner. To forge this circuit, a beam of 1 micron or less is required to weld or solder. The older techniques have failed to develop so thin a circuit. Control Micro System Lasers can attain unprecedented results in welding and soldering the electronic circuits. This makes the components adjust in a very small space without getting damaged. This helps in adding more pieces onboard, lessening the bad parts and in turn an increased return on investment.

Cutting very densely populated PCBs is very difficult. The laser PCB depaneling system has shown its ability of cutting the PCBs with minimum tolerance. Lasers do not cause stress and other effects on the other parts of the circuit.

Lasers help in marking the very small members with their serial numbers, lot numbers and part numbers. The laser system clearly outperforms other methods when it comes to marking these devices and parts with clarity and small sized fonts.

One of the esteemed customers, who have deployed our lasers in almost all the above fields, is HONDA. They have continuously increased their laser machinery count and have revamped their production unit to take on their international rivals.

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