Honeycomb Structure

Machine Tool

Machine body with honeycomb welding structure, welded with solid steel frames, when servo motor instantly accelerate or decelerate, the huge thrust can smoothly disperse to every part of the machine tool, which means less vibration,high accuracy and long durability.


Proportional Valve

• Aventics/Rexroth brand, best quality and stability.
• The cutting pressure is automatically controlled by the proportional valve, which can save 20%~40% gas consumption.
•Automatically control gas flow, which can help to cutting edge smoothly.
•Special cutting capacity: iron plate sharp angle cutting and thick plate spot cutting • Reduce manual adjustment operation, increase production efficiency 30%-50%.

Intelligent Dust

Exhaust System

• During the cutting operation,the operation system controls cylinder only to open the cutting section dust outlet, at the same time, close the other non-operating interval dust outlet, which can enhance dust exhaust capability ,ensure perfect dust exhaust performance.
• Covering thicker heat resistant material protects dust exhaust system components,which can extend its lifespan, to ensure machine long years stable operation.


Electric Cabinet

• Equipped with constant temperature air conditioning, to ensure that the cabinet low temperature environment(lower than outdoor temp).
• Better conducive to the cabinet cooling, electric components will never damage due to high temperature, which will finally affect machine productivity.
•Insulating dust and metal dust, prevent possible metal dust conductive and burning or even explosion.







Types of



Customize Jigs & Fixtures
Types of




Widely use in metal plates cutting industry for example stainless steel, aluminum, cooper, and etc.



Mainly use in Automotive parts cutting with it’s advanced multi angles and dimensions cutting.



Best for cutting parts which required high accuracy cutting especially for parts in smaller size.




Laser Cutting Machines are those technologically advanced and sophisticated machines which use lasers to perform all their jobs. These machines have an in-built laser which acts as a main tool to perform the job. The lasers offer contactless operation which makes the welded and the soldered joints free from impurities and defects.

The lasers offer local action as their waves are coherently directed on to the specific location on the workpiece. It leaves the other portions of the workpiece free from thermal stresses. The lasers are highly accurate and immensely efficient machines when it comes to reliability and accuracy. They perform their task in a speedy manner and have a minimal lead time.

The laser cutting machines need very less maintenance and once installed, they can continuously be under operation for a minimum of 60,000 hours. They consume relatively less electricity from other high powered cutting machines. These machines are highly programmable, which means their job is very flexible and they can be included in any manufacturing or assembly line. Once a job gets completed, new programs are fed in the CNC of the machine and the machine starts cutting new shapes and sizes with the highest accuracy level.

The products manufactured with the help of lasers are better under all circumstances than those manufactured by the conventional techniques. The laser has efficiency to cut the materials with the accuracy in microns. The machine never gets tired and because of the negligible lead time, they can be used to speed up the production in a company. They need not require a very huge floor space and can easily be accommodated in rather tighter spaces.

The machines employ laser for the cutting action and any type of laser can be employed to perform the lasing action. Some of the types of lasers are High Precision Laser Cutting, Fiber Laser Cutting and 3D Laser Cutting .

Nd:YAG Laser is a solid state laser device. Here, YAG stands for Yttrium Aluminium Garnet. The triply ionized neodymium replaces a fraction of yttrium from the YAG crystal and starts emitting laser waves. They are most commonly used in medical field for the treatment of cataract and glaucoma. They are also used in treatment of cancer. They are also used in spectroscopy, laser pumping, military rangefinding, etc.

A fiber laser is one such laser in which an optical fiber is doped with rare earth elements like ytterbium, erbium, neodymium, holmium, etc. and these elements act as active gain medium. These are doped fiber amplifiers which do not need laser for providing light amplification. These lasers are used in material processing, engraving, cutting, etc.

3D Laser cutter employs automated laser torch to cut the workpiece from all the directions. It is used in automotive industry & furniture industry. 3D Laser work together with robotic system to enable.

The YAG cutting machines are small powered machines which require upto 600 W power. These machines are fast in cutting thin metals. The fiber laser cutting machine is a high power machine of the order of 300w – 8KW. They are very consistent and fast in cutting thick materials. The CO2 Laser cutting machine also requires high power of up to 2-6 KW and are used mainly for cutting thick materials. The 3D Laser cutting machine and fiber laser combines with the robotic automated hand to cut in different axes and orientation.

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