Laser machines are the devices which are used to perform a variety of tasks on a variety of designs and modules. These machines are suitable to perform tasks on any sort of design and shapes. Not all shapes and sizes can be handled on the in-built table frame of the laser machine. Sometimes, when there is need to work on non-geometric or complex geometric shaped workpieces, additional support and clamping is required for making the precise cuts.

The laser cutting table system which is generally designed to help the operator clamp down the usual shaped jobs have literally no option to clamp the unusual shaped objects. The jigs and fixtures are then customized to fit a specific job and perform the task which was otherwise not possible because of inadequate clamping. The customized fixtures are used for writing utensils, coffee mugs, lapel pins, pocket knives, glassware, identification tags and key chains.

These jigs and fixtures assist the user to use the table efficiently and setup the rack system on v blocks. The innovative modular system is convenient for all types of laser beds. The fixtures optimize the productivity during mass production or multi-production. The jigs help in worriless and consistent product levelling and placement for precise lasing action every time.

There are larger speciality fixtures for key chains, identification tags and medals. These also help to accommodate custom orders and multiple products. The key chain fixtures feature different product shapes. There are collections of small, medium and large v-blocks to cater to a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The custom jigs and fixtures are very helpful in meeting the customers’ needs and requirements. They help in enhancing the daily operation for optimum productivity. These products further equip the consumers with the tools to get all the designs fixed.

As soon as a custom design reaches the operator, he looks for the feasibility of the product with the help of normal clamping devices and fixtures. When the machine fails to handle the design with in-built and common fixtures, there is a need for the development of custom jigs and fixtures. The best feasible clamping situation is analysed and jigs are developed according to this design. The custom jigs are designed for a single product and they may or may not be used for other products. The customized jigs and fixtures can integrate better with the laser machines for optimum output.

The customized jigs and fixtures help in improving the production accuracy. They assist in almost all the mechanical joining or removing process like welding, cutting or soldering. Their usage increases the ease of performing the operation. The quality of the product is also enhanced once such fixtures are used where the workpiece was not clamped properly.

The speed of the job increases as there is no requirement of adjusting and readjusting every time the machine has to perform a job. The common jig is used for the same product and it can be seen that the production rate has increased considerably. The efficiency of the machine along with that of the production unit increases once the customized jigs and fixtures are used. This in turn helps to enhance the result of the products. The product has smoother appearance and better surface finish. The quality of the product improves manifolds.

The jigs and fixtures of one laser machine can be used on the other machine if it can properly align with the other machine. The increase in number of custom jigs and fixtures gives the user more options to clamp down the job in future without looking out for a new design and shape every time a complex shape is encountered.

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