The carbon dioxide laser, as the name suggests, uses carbon dioxide as its main component. It is one of the most powerful continuous wave laser cutting machines. The utility alongwith the economy of its use makes this laser as one of the most thicker metal in the industry. It is regularly used in cutting as well as welding. The low power lasers are used in engraving. The efficiency of this laser is also quiet commendable. CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is a mature technology in the market place.

The CO2 laser operates on infrared radiations; hence specialized construction becomes a necessity. The mirrors in the laser are silvered and its windows and lenses are made of zinc selenide or germanium. Gold and zinc selenide windows and lenses are used for high power lasers. Some lasers that operate in extremely rugged and unfriendly conditions use diamond mirrors which have far better optical properties and this helps in transmission of high power lasers.

The assembly consists of a gas discharge with a total reflector on one of its ends and the output coupler at the output end. There are laser focusing lenses alongwith the partial and total reflectors. Mirrors are placed at the front, rear and in the corners. The laser beam comes out of the device from the copper nozzle tip.

An electric discharge is passed through in a mixture of Helium, nitrogen and carbon dioxide which accelerates these molecules. These accelerated molecules collide with the Nitrogen molecules and pass on their energy to the Nitrogen molecules. These excited Nitrogen molecules reach a new excitation level where they remain stable for some time in the metastable state. The energy level of excited molecules of CO2 as well as Nitrogen molecules is almost same. At this position, the Nitrogen molecules transmit their excess energy to the CO2 molecules and return to the stable state. Population inversion takes place and laser beams are emitted.


CO2 lasers provide high power levels up to 6,000 Watts. These are versatile in nature and can be used in all fields. CO2 laser is more efficient than He-Ne laser and Argon laser. The cost of these lasers is very less in comparison to other lasers. These are available in many configurations. TEA CO2 laser generates pulsed output making them more efficient. They have better sealed-off life of about 20,000 hours. It is also smaller in size per watt of output power.

The CO2 laser works fine for 60,000 to 100,000 hours but if there is gradual dip in the output for weeks continuously, our CO2 Laser Cutting Machine don’t require to refill & don’t need replace.

Farley Laserlab is one of the leaders in CO2 laser cutting machine industry. The CO2 laser cutting machine is economical, easy to use, can be operated at various ranges.




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